Open letter requesting business donations

I am Shani Stephens, the administrator of Ty Fforest Resource Hub, situated in Fforestfach, Swansea. We are reaching out to you, hoping for your assistance in supporting our unique not-for-profit community organization. Ty Fforest Resource Hub is the sole entity of its kind in Swansea, dedicated to serving our community in various impactful ways. Our initiatives encompass food banks, food sharing, the provision of free school uniforms, a toy recycling project, a furniture project, a community café, an empowerment shop, comprehensive support and training for individuals affected by domestic violence, sexual exploitation, child trafficking, drug and alcohol issues, and involvement in the sex trade. We are also engaged in outreach work and operate a crisis intervention team that can respond within the hour to crises requiring police or social services assistance.

Furthermore, we offer a person-centered veterans’ welfare program for military personnel transitioning into civilian life in South Wales, including family members and children. Our services extend to handling the initial steps after leaving the service, such as adapting military qualifications for civilian life, addressing homelessness, facilitating registrations with authorities, providing mental health and PTSD support, assisting with medical discharges, and offering training and re-employment opportunities in civilian jobs.

All our efforts are carried out voluntarily and without profit motive. Currently, we are in the process of repurposing an old bank in Swansea to better meet the needs of our community. While we actively fundraise to sustain our programs and projects and can cover some expenses, we kindly request your consideration for a like-for-like partnership with our organization. Specifically, we propose that we cover half the cost of the required items and hope that your company might generously match our contribution with an equivalent donation.

We understand that these times are challenging for everyone, and businesses must maintain their operations. Therefore, we are suggesting this mutually beneficial arrangement to ensure the continuation of our vital work. At present, we are facing difficulties in fundraising due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19. While we have a limited budget, it falls short of what is required for the essential exterior groundwork and clearance necessary for our hub. We are actively engaged in constructing our hub ourselves but require substantial assistance in clearing and paving access roads and parking areas at the rear to accommodate deliveries and furniture collections for those in need.

Should this proposal align with your company’s philanthropic goals, we kindly request your prompt response. We are currently midway through our renovation efforts and may have to halt operations without sufficient support. It’s important to note that Ty Fforest Resource Hub operates solely on a volunteer basis and serves the entire Swansea community and beyond. The establishment of a delivery and access road with proper parking would be an incredible asset, benefiting the entire Swansea community.

Thank you for taking the time to read our request, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Warm regards,

Shani Stephens Ty Fforest Resource Hub 872 Carmarthen Road Fforestfach Cross Swansea SA5 8HR Phone: 07462926287

At Ty Fforest Resource Hub, we offer:

  • Community Café
  • Community Shop
  • Furniture Project
  • Toy Project
  • Training and Budgeting
  • Support for Housing, Benefits, and Appeals
  • Domestic Violence Support
  • Mental Health Support
  • Support for Sex Trade Workers
  • Crisis Intervention Team
  • Parent and Toddler Support Sessions
  • Food Share
  • Food Bank
  • School Uniform Project
  • Veterans Welfare Program
  • Cooking on a Budget
  • Cooking from Scratch
  • Intergenerational Skill Swapping
  • Monthly Swapathons for Items or Skills
  • Community Evenings
  • Community Cohesion
  • And Much More!

Our mission: Reducing waste, reducing landfill, reducing debt, reducing stress!

As a business, if you’re able to help via donations or discounts, in turn we will list your business in our directory. This consists of a link to your website along with text and image. This will help benefit your web presence.

Please donate what you can! x